Omega Seamaster 300M “James Bond” Replica Watches Vs Real

These omega replica watches are getting better day by day. We will tell you how to distinguish!

Omega Seamaster 300M “James Bond” Replica Watches

Today, let’s take a look at an authentic Omega Seamaster 300m and a very high fidelity replica. In the past, the difference was very simple. A fake is a cheap imitation. But in today’s world, Replica watches are getting better and better. Sometimes they are very close to the original.

Our Replica Omega Seamaster 300 million James Bond limited edition is launched to commemorate the 50th anniversary of “Her Majesty’s secret service”. Its online price is nearly 25% lower than the retail price. This is a real watch. Therefore, for those who want a cheap imitation of a famous name on the dial, this is not a watch.

It was bought by those who were deceived. After preliminary inspection, these watches look almost the same. Even if you hold a watch in your hand, you must observe it carefully. Only then will you understand what’s wrong with it. In this video, I explain the difference between the authentic Omega Seamaster 300m James Bond and the replica. What do you need to pay attention to?

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Replica Seamaster 300 meter dial

As you can see, there are some gifts. The hour mark in the figure below is a good example, but it is difficult to notice without a magnifying glass or macro lens. The surface treatment of all parts of the dial and pointer is a little rough compared with the original.

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Replica Seamaster 300m case

There are more obvious signs in this case that we are dealing with a replica. As you can see, the plaque on the Case strap has a strange golden tone, and the carving is defective. The lugs also lack sharpness. They have a soft place, they should have a sharp edge. Interestingly, the valve crown of the helium valve is longer than the original one (when unscrewed). The problem with most differences is that you need to use genuine watches as reference points. The easiest way to identify fakes is to align them from the back of the box. The authentic Seamaster 300m is equipped with naiad lock. This means that it will be perfectly aligned. Quite simply, this kind of fake does not exist.

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After watching the video, reading this article and studying the pictures, you may agree with me that this is not a cheap fake omega watches. There are some quick checks that you can do yourself, such as magnets, to determine that you are dealing with a fake Omega Seamaster 300m, which has a master timing movement. If you buy a new watch from an authorized dealer, boutique or directly from Omega replica watch, there is no reason to worry that you will eventually buy a fake watch. The biggest problem with these good fake watches is that it is difficult for you to identify them according to the pictures that the sellers put on the Internet. If these watches are priced at $500, or even $1500 to $2000, you know it can’t be true. But what would you do if you saw this watch and sold clear but small-sized images on a website with a retail price of – 20% to – 25%?

Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon Replica watches

It’s easy to get tired and assume that when a replica watch brand starts adding models to a collection, they’re just trying to squeeze more sales out of an old idea. However, this is not always the case, it is important to pay attention to those who are doing the right brand – they provided valuable lessons, so that how to make instant transformation and how to put the core of the good idea and make it get better with time. For these lessons, Omega replica watches swiss movement latest addition, Dark Side of the Moon collection – Apollo 8 – is a perfect example.

Dark Side Of The Moon Replica watches

Some background will help before we move on to the new Apollo 8. In 2013, Omega replica shocked everyone by releasing the all-black Speedmaster all-purpose ceramic case and dial, and loaded some serious clocks under the hood. You can look at week A on our watch here to see what happened – we now take it for granted, but five years ago it sounded crazy. Since then, best Omega replica watches review has slowly iterated, adding some extra color and metal treatment to the mix, but the collection is still very restrained (at least for the watch collection these days). What we’re seeing here, however, is the first major change in this series, which at first sight seems like a significant improvement in many ways.

Fake Omega Apollo 8 watches retains one of the best parts of the original dark side. It still has a 44.25mm black ceramic case that looks sharp on the wrist or on the table. But from there, things began to diverge. First of all, the internal motions are different, and you can tell immediately by looking at the dial. The old black side watch had only two subregistries – one on the left shows the number of running seconds, one on the right shows the elapsed time and minutes of the chronograph, and another at six o ‘clock. The watch displays a traditional three register display with no date. This is because the inner core is the so-called 1869 core, a version of the 1861 core with some special decorations (more in a minute).

The most important thing about calibre 1869 is to manually chain it. Yes, it’s a throwback to the old superpowers of the past, but there’s more to this than nostalgia. First, you’ll get the dial-up layout I mentioned above, which is very balanced, familiar to most people, and has no date (I know you all love it). More importantly, it makes the watch slimmer. By replacing the automatic core and a pair of box crystals, Luxury Omega replica watches sale cut its thickness by 2.5mm, to 13.8mm.

Luxury Omega Speedmaster Mark II replica watches sale

When Omega rplica stopped production of Speedmaster Mark II in 1972, Mark III was introduced. Speedmaster Mark III replica watch was inherited by Mark IV in 1973. Then there was Mark 4.5, which went public in 1974 (another Mark IV, an Omega replica Calibre 1045). The last Speedmaster Mark replica series is Mark V, which was launched around 1984. Confusing, right? There are more models in the middle, as well as the slight variations above.

Omega Speedmaster Mark II replica watches

In any case, Omega replica decided to re-issue the Speedmaster Mark II in 2014, and we noticed that the replica watches had already entered the Omega boutique before it was officially launched at the 2014 Basel fair. Just like the original Speedmaster (professional) Mark II watch, fake Omega Speedmaster Mark II has some changes to the 2014 model. During our date with Omega, we saw the black dial and the racing watch version and the Speedmaster Mark II “LiYaoReNaLu 2016” Olympic edition.

The barrel case and the watch chain are very similar to the original case. If you look closely, you will notice that the dial is somewhat different from the original dial. The track is a little different from the original, with a red exterior track and an orange Omega replica watches logo at 12 o ‘clock. However, the biggest difference may lie in the text on the dial and the fact that the new Speedmaster Mark II 2014 model has a date aperture. Omega decided to use Calibre 3330, rather than the undate manual chain timing machine – just like the one used in the Speedmaster Professional 357x. Xx series. This machine is equipped with the wheel mechanism, coaxial capture system, Si14 silvers and 52-hour power reserve. Of course, except for the triple contrast layout of the dial, it has little in common with the original.

People ask us about the base of the fake Omega Calibre 3330, because it is not the Calibre 93xx series that Omega has developed. We tend to think that it is based on a number of ETA cores, which are only dedicated to luxury Omega replica watches sale, so Si14 and coaxial escapement. Omega’s decision to use the movement is understandable. This may not be a pure watch – although it’s a great timepiece – but it’s more about people who like vintage replica watches, but they want to wear something new. Maybe some collectors just think they need something like this in the super league. We believe that the target audience is those who like to see the old Speedmaster Mark II on the wrist of his father or grandfather, and decide to adopt a similar chronometer and all modern technology. For purists, there are still some good old vintage Speedmaster Mark II models whose prices are very attractive.