Fake Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo 8 Dark Side Of The Moon

If The case is distributed on The dark side of The Moon family, The dial and movement are The difference between Apollo 8 and its siblings. Apollo 8 has a semi-hollow dial, a laser map of the moon’s surface, and an open view of part of the chronograph movement below.

Fake Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo 8

While Omega replica watches usually uses more modern and advanced coaxial movements in The Dark Side Of The Moon watches (usually The automatic Calibre 9300), The use Of The traditional Speedmaster movement (with three small dial) is an interesting nod to Speedmaster. Professional as the original moon table, 1861 looks very cool to me, this dark contrast. For Omega, this is an interesting way to make a modern model, pay homage to Apollo 8, and the history of the brand and the Apollo program, while making a watch that is a hybrid of several phases of speedmaster — its past, its heritage, its modern background in a strange but absolutely cool watch.

This watch is about the dial, 1861 use in the Dark Side case, and special surface treatment for this application. The intense use of texture and color makes it difficult to accurately convey how the dial is displayed, so I recommend clicking on the attached photo for the best view. In a design prone to stupidity and even cartoons,luxury fake Omega watches manages to keep the texture subtle enough to serve as a background for the dial, while also being detailed enough to require careful observation.

Readability is still very strong, especially for the timing code table elements, which get most of the bright yellow. The dial is surrounded by a signature suit for speed bullies, and the dial is surrounded by a ceramic speedometer ring, which is also fully decorated (one of my favorite things about the dark side of the moon). Swiss copy Omega watches Dial details and contrast levels are excellent, especially when implemented without breaking away from Speedmaster’s design roots. In fact, at first glance, assuming that this is a racing car model, it can be forgiven for the bright yellow accessories and matching watchband. Even as a speed racer, it all feels different.

Cheap Omega replica watches with the leather strap there are yellow stitches and perforations, there is a rubbery feeling, I feel very comfortable. Although stiff at first, the material fits well and feels better than standard leather straps, even at this price point. Apollo 8 wrist is large but not difficult to wear, it hides some volume, its length than you might expect shorter lugs and a relatively flat shape. In general lighting, ceramics look very shiny, but the dial is a mixture of matte finishes, and Apollo 8 is more detailed than any of the Dark Side brothers.