Luxury fake Omega Speedmaster Racing watches online from China

Fake Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronometer for a new generation of fans. We tested the current Speedmaster with retro style dials and the latest tabulation technology. Omega Speedmaster Racing Chronometer may not be on the moon, but it’s still a convincing wristwatch: its sporty and elegant design offers excitement rather than extremes; Its components are of high quality and do not raise prices excessively; Its motor technique can be said to be ingenious.

The Speedmaster Racing we tested had a unique minute loop along the edge of the dial, inspired by the checkered flag used to indicate the end of the race. These two-color “racing dials” first appeared on Omega replica watches models in 1968. They made their name in 1969, the year the first moon landing took place, when Omega unveiled Mark II as Speedmaster’s modern development. The brand relaunched Mark II in 2014, followed by Speedmaster Racing Master Chronometer in 2017, which we carefully examined in this test.

“Master chronometer,” the last word on this model, represents the latest generation of Luxury Omega replica watches sale movements, combining various quality features and certificates. In fact, making the Calibre 9900 chronograph provides many technical advantages, so it’s not easy to summarize them. Since Omega’s own coaxial escapement system has a particularly complex shape of levers and escapement wheels, it can run very precisely. Two series switched winders allow the motion to run for 60 hours without input of fresh energy. Silicon wafers, DLC coating barrels, newly computed tooth systems on gears, special lubricants and rotors that slide on top of ceramic bearings can run with low wear. And the use of specialized diamagnetic materials ensures that this aperture is not subject to slight pressure in all the magnetic fields that can occur in daily life.

Also not to be overlooked: all of the above technologies and decorations use very sophisticated stainless steel case, ceramic bezel and two curved sapphire crystals. Here, Omega, with the support of its parent company, swatch group, spared no effort in its development work. The speedometer scale along the ring is made from Liquidmetal, a patented material that is poured into a milling indentation while still melting, which hardens, and then mattes the upper surface. Ceramics have higher surface hardness, so polishing Liquidmetal will not leave unwanted tool marks or other traces on the ceramics. This method enables AAA fake Omega watches to provide a perfectly smooth scale for the bezel, including polished ceramics and sanded metals.